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Direct Primary Care Pricing

As stated on our home page, direct primary care is a revolutionary model of health care, paid for by the patient directly to the provider as a flat monthly fee. It allows our clinic to serve our patients WITHOUT the involvement of insurance companies, gives YOU more access to our provider, guarantees you same-day appointments during business hours and allows you to spend extended time with our provider if needed!

Our direct primary care model is also affordable, unlike many insurance premiums.

There are ZERO co-pays at your appointment and no surprise fees. For only $99 per month you can become a Direct Primary Care Member of The Wellness and Hydration Clinic!

For 2 or more members residing in the same household/family, the membership price is only $79 per month, for each individual member.

We also have corporate memberships for small businesses/organizations who wish to provide primary health care services to their employees at a much lower rate than insurance premiums- Give our office a call today for more information.

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